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Superstar Qualities - Bliss Sawyer
A Superstar works harder. Not necessarily longer, but their day has more focus and is organized so that every working moment is utilized to increase business and production. Priority is placed on tasks that have the greatest return. Networking, Realtor marketing and maintaining strong referral relationships are all key components....READ MORE »

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Programming Yourself for Success - Brian Tracy
Your subconscious mind can only accept your mission statement as a set of commands when you phrase it in the present, positive and personal tenses. "I am an exceptional salesperson," is a perfect example. After every sales call, you should quickly reread your mission statement and ask yourself if your recent behavior was more like the person you want to be, or less?.....READ MORE »

The 10 Interviewing Skills You Need in your
Repertoire for the ‘New Normal’ -
Carla Cross
It’s not 2010 anymore. And, it certainly isn’t 2007 or 2008.Yet, many recruiters are still interviewing like it was yesterday. In addition, most of us haven’t been trained as interviewers. We simply do what ‘comes naturally’. Judging by our results, that intuitive or natural approach hasn’t been as effective as we had hoped. I think you’d agree that too many of our agents are failing.....

Expand Your Business through Vertical Marketing - Cindy Douglas
Staying in touch with your client base is not only a fundamental strategy but also necessary for continued growth. Transactional business needs to be earned each time a sale is made. Customers that return repetitively create an annuity account for your company. ACT provides the ability to develop newsletters, postcards, and industry news that may be generated in mass.....READ MORE »

Knowing Why You Are Worth What You Charge - Dirk Zeller
A Champion Agent has the mindset and sales skills to be able to defend their value in the marketplace. One of the most significant challenges facing Agents is the constant downward pressure on real estate fees. We have seen an erosion of fees charged by Agents and companies at epic proportions.....READ MORE »

Power Selling: Ask for Borrower Referrals - Doug Smith
No one can sell you better than one of your own customers. That’s why your best source of referral business is your borrowers. People who have selected you as their lender and experienced the great service you provide have the opportunity to tell their family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and anyone they know how good you are. And they’ll gladly do this…if you ask them!...READ MORE »

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"Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life. "
~ Dr. David M. Burns.


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