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About Focus


Focus Publications was founded in 1996 to fill a need for marketing tools that consistently put real estate professionals in front of clients in an informed, professional format.

The first publication, Week In Review, contains weekly highlights of events in the stock market, with emphasis on interest and housing rates. Five key marketing principles dictated its approach:

  • Create and maintain a high professional dialogue with prospects and clients.
  • Produce regular and predictable motivation to make field calls.
  • Provide prospects and clients with something relevant, informative, and interesting.
  • Achieve a continual presence in the marketplace.
  • Develop an environment that promotes business.

Week In Review, was initially distributed person-to-person, via messenger, mail, or fax and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Doors opened to field representatives and the material kept them in front of clients even when they couldn't visit in person.

Requests for additional tools to improve B2B and B2C communication resulted in the creation of Consumer Focus and Economic Focus.

Focus responded to the internet boom with interactive editions and interactive content for client Web sites. Market Focus - a daily report summarizing the day's economic releases, equity markets,
Treasury market, key interest rates and other interest rate-influencing events - was introduced in December 2000.

The company expanded to offer full-service web hosting, design, and specialized services. Automated e-mail delivery was added in February 2002 to deliver publications, freeing clients to concentrate on what's most profitable: selling high potential prospects and delivering top-quality services to keep them coming back.


Focus has a three-fold integrated marketing plan to target these areas:

As a market-driven company; most of Focus' products and resources are in response to the needs and input of clients. Focus is committed to the ongoing success of its clients.


In order to constantly improve products and services, a number of dramatic and comprehensive interactive features will soon be added to the Internet links. Ever-expanding libraries and archives will continue to include the most interesting and current resources available.

To help real estate, title and mortgage clients to maximize their marketing efforts, Focus will continue to maintain and improve upon the following:

  • Creative ways to develop and maintain a productive rapport with your prospects and clients.
  • Convenient and cost-effective ways to keep your name and services in front of your markets.
  • Proven tools to draw and sustain repeat visits to your Web page.
  • Marketing publications that provide an informed and professional image.
  • Enjoyable ways to communicate and network.

To obtain access to Focus Publications' numerous products and maximize your success,
please contact us.

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