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Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Lead Generation Kit

Want a steady stream of qualified mortgage leads?

Introducing the ARM Lead Generation Kit - Access the multi-trillion dollar ARM market with a timely lead generation strategy that is cost effective, easy to implement and delivers results !
ARM Kit 1 Millions of young families are highly motivated to take advantage of a fixed rate to avoid the pitfalls associated with the higher payment their ARM will have when it adjusts...especially with margins where they are and a difficult housing market.

They are just one of the two major demographic groups that can be transformed into solid leads with our program.

The Baby Boomers represent a more stable and financially secure segment of the marketplace, but also rely on retirement and fixed-income. Their monthly expenses are a key factor in their quality of life.

There has never been a better time to rescue this demographic from the impending struggle they will encounter when their rates adjust.

ARM kit 2

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) lead generation kit provides an effective and affordable way to dramatically improve lead return on investment. These professional materials will help you penetrate the market and achieve the best possible results. Made up of several elements, the ARM Kit presents a means to create a consistent flow of business into your pipeline.

  • Direct mail elements including hard copy self mailers, post cards and stuffers
  • Professionally designed Emails and Website Elements,
  • Classified, Display and Online Newspaper Ads
  • Prewritten Editorials for placement in publications
  • Print and mail fulfillment available

Each multi-channel component is professionally designed to produce solid results and we offer step-by-step guidance to maximize your success. When used in conjunction with our Integrated Marketing approach these materials are your gateway to increased profits and production.


The combination of our direct mail pieces and qualified leads puts you where you need to be.

Designed for each of the two major target demographics and various home value ranges, these mailers and stuffers are available in a variety of sizes and several designs tailored to suit your marketing campaign. We also offer fulfillment services that are both reliable and affordable, so you can just focus on the results.

Click here for fulfillment pricing and info

[Click to view samples]

[Click here to view samples]


Our hard-hitting display ads offer you another channel through which to get the word out. You will receive ads in a variety of customizable designs, sizes and formats to fit your print advertising needs.

These include both display ads and highly effective classified ad text. This can be a highly effective method of reaching the audience that matters to you.

We can provide digital copies of these ads to you or send them directly to the publisher of your local media.


We provide you with professionally written and edited articles to be published in your local market. These help give you the publicity and exposure that is crucial in this highly-competitive market.

We also offer guidance on how to put yourself in the public eye as an authority in your field. Your hard work and dedication can be recognized by your community by following the program we have outlined for you.

50% of Homeowners view Newspaper advertisements when buying, selling or refinancing their home.
Source: Newspaper Association of America


Potential clients from all demographics have one thing in common: They use email. We provide you with the tools to mount effective email marketing campaigns which have a high rate of success.

Opening this line of communication with potential borrowers is a great method of staying in touch and creating relationships. We help you create a valuable database and assist you in making the most of each contact with the people in it.

Our opt-in email campaigns are informative and well-produced to ensure a steady stream of potentials to add to your client list.

[Click here to see a sample email]

Click Click Client!

We custom design banner advertising for you to place on the web that catch a borrower's eye, halping you make a click into a client.

Your ad can be placed with Internet advertising companies for placement on high-traffic websites, featured on blogs sent in promotional emails or used on your compay's website.

We create a custom, professional look for you banner ads and provide you with all the materials you need to get going with the Internet advertising component of your campaign.

[View Examples]

If you were to pay an ad agency to create a similar campaign for you it would costs multiple thousands of dollars. We have done the research, spent the time and created the resources for you.

Each kit includes:

  • Professionally designed direct mail pieces with convenient online fulfillment
  • Newspaper ads - classified copy and display mats for print and online
  • Personalized news articles ready to submit to local business media for publication
  • Tips on how to become a valued media spokesperson in your market
  • Email campaign templates
  • Professionally writtien website content and banner graphics
  • Step-by-step Marketing Guide to assist you in creating and executing a sustained lead
    generation strategy

The text, graphics and design of each element is expertly crafted to give you the highest visibility in the market place, present you as an industry expert, and create a flow of mortgage leads.

Ask about our combo packs and save!


More than 2 trillion dollars in ARMs are set to adjust over the next 24 months alone. Many of these homeowners are solid candidates for refinancing to a mortgage with more favorable terms. Get your share of this refinancing boom.

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