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Real Estate Web Sites

Our Real Estate Web Sites are designed with you in mind! You're sure to find a design that displays your professionalism, business and personal style. Take your time as you make a selection. Play with the colors and visualize how your logo or photo would look on the different layouts. Decide what impression you want to make on your visitors, as your web site is the virtual face of your business.

Features & Benefits Included

Real Estate Web Sites

Real Estate Web Sites - include interactive financial tools to engage your visitors, extensive content to inform them, and essential action buttons to increase your prospect-to-client conversions. Choose from a large selection of colors and designs.

Benefits - Sites are designed to attract visitors, engage them during visits and encourage them to return. The features simplify the prospecting and loan origination process.

Consumer Focus Automated Email

Automated Email Delivery (AED) - Each issue can be automatically emailed to anyone on your contact list in HTML format using your personalized stationery.

Benefits - AED assures that you maintain a market presence no matter where you are.

Consumer Focus Hard Copy

Hard Copy - Provided in PDF format for your personalization, reproduction, and distribution in the field.

Benefits - A convenient, relevant, timely, cost-effective handout loaded with current information and talking points to engage your clients and prospects. Raises the level of dialogue and understanding and delivers great credibility.

Marketing Center

Marketing Center - This is where you access the hard copy library, marketing & training resources, and the email center to administer your contact data base and custom email communications.

Benefits - Maintain control of all your marketing email communications, have continual access to reports and support, and manage and build your contact database.

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